3/30/10 - Cirrus Technology, Inc. Cirrus provides support for LTRS contract.

7/1/08 - Cirrus wins Contract Administration Support Services contract.


    Cirrus’ engineering and technical resources and staffing solutions for military and commercial clients has contributed expertise to the definition and development of many major programs since 1998. 

    System Engineering.  Cirrus conducts a full range of Systems Engineering support activities for the development, production, and employment of launch systems for missile engagement test and evaluation exercises.  Our efforts include: development of procurement strategies and alternatives; support of RFP preparation; mission planning and requirements analysis; range documentation; independent analyses of aerodynamics, stability and control, performance, loads and structural margins, software verification, break-up model and flight hazards.  We assist in studies and analyses of payload and system integration; motor refurbishment; launch processing and operations; mission risk assessment; safety assessment; post-flight analysis; and oversight for an Aging Surveillance Program.

    Test and Evaluation.   Cirrus assesses the capability of new systems to meet warfighter needs.  We conduct joint operational and development test and evaluation of a full spectrum of joint service mission areas consisting of command, control, communications, computer, intelligence and strategic reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems and related equipment; logistics C4I; strategic and tactical missiles; space; space lift; weather; chemical/biological; and air traffic control systems.

    Software Engineering.  Cirrus provided software quality assurance and IV&V services to the C-130 Avionics Modernization Program System Program Office Software Integrated Product Team and the System Integration Facility.  This supported the acquisition of the avionics operational flight program (OFP) software and the installation of the system integration facility hardware and software nodes and system integration lab (SIL).

    Modeling and Simulation. Cirrus supported the development of a high fidelity model of an Apache helicopter. We constructed System Specific Representations (SSRs), applied applying the distributed simulation capability using the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) and High Level Architecture (HLA) standards, as well as, a unique Thinker External Access (TEA) interface.

    Schedule Integration and Analysis.  Understanding the schedule is an extremely important element of cost management in developing and maintaining a project.  Cirrus supports the development of integrated schedules and providing analysis of those schedules against baselines and trends. We have automated the integration of schedule inputs using electronic file transfer. These inputs are generated on several different scheduling software packages. The inputs are collected into a scheduling analysis program, i.e., Artemis, which are then used to generate integrated schedules and to support schedule analysis.

    System Requirements Analysis.  Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a methodology that allows engineers and other technical specialists to perform ‘customer focused’ system requirements analysis in a multi-stakeholder environment.  This low-cost, non proprietary, easy to use tool enables to reach consensus on requirements definition and enhances requirements management, cost estimation with rigorous traceability.  Cirrus has effectively applied QFD for the GMD Supportability Development Program; Apache 2nd Generation FLIR and Horizontal Technology Integration; Low Cost Interceptor Risk Assessment; NMD Security Vulnerability Assessment; and Army Aviation Automated Maintenance Processes.