3/30/10 - Cirrus Technology, Inc. Cirrus provides support for LTRS contract.

7/1/08 - Cirrus wins Contract Administration Support Services contract.


    Cirrus is engaged in providing operating staff to perform a combination of support services within a client's facilities. Typically we provide a combination of services, such as janitorial; maintenance; trash disposal; guard and security; mail routing reception; laundry; and related services to support operations within facilities.

    Facility Operations and Maintenance.   Cirrus conducts facilities operations and maintenance services for Directors of Public Works at the installation level.  Our work entails housing operations, warehousing, property management, landscaping, environmental, community relations, transportation, maintenance, help desk and construction estimating services.

    Physical and Electronic Security Engineering.   Our security engineering professionals recognize and understand today’s dynamic security environment.  We understand that there is no single technique or solution for security, and that “Best Practices” requires a defense in depth approach to security.  We have a global mission of providing security integration and consulting services with the single purpose of helping to improve the performance of every client served.

    Security Guard Services.  Cirrus provides long and short-term security guard services. Our security officers are professionally trained experts who are well prepared to handle your security needs. Whether uniformed or in plainclothes, armed or unarmed, Cirrus’ security officers are prepared to handle any situation … static security guards; mobile security guards; key control; intruder alarm response; events, exhibition and conference security stewards; watch officers.

    Warehousing and Property Management.  Cirrus is proficient in providing warehousing, mail handling, inventory, supply, and order processing and property management services in a Top Secret secure warehouse environment.  We maintain inventory control through the use of the latest approved property management software programs; screen requisitions for authorizations and allowance compliance; maintain inventory accountability and control; conduct physical inventories to verify automated listings; provide discrepancy reports and other proper documentation; process reports of surveys; monitor usage transactions and track the procurement, storage, and disposition of equipment and property.