3/30/10 - Cirrus Technology, Inc. Cirrus provides support for LTRS contract.

7/1/08 - Cirrus wins Contract Administration Support Services contract.

lock 3/30/10 - Cirrus provides support for Launch and Test Range System (LTRS) contract.
lock 7/1/08 - Cirrus wins Contract Administration Support Services contract.
lock 5/30/08 - Cirrus Technology, Inc. names Senior Vice President, Federal Programs.
lock 5/19/08 - Cirrus Technology, Inc. is actively recruiting Service Disabled Veterans for jobs in all of our business sectors.
lock 5/1/08 - Cirrus recently was recertified as a Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) small business concern.
lock 3/1/08 - Cirrus Technology, Inc.ís Ms. Magdalene Dickerson Recognized for Superior Performance.
lock 1/10/08 - Cirrus has been awarded another year in our support of Army forces and systems mission.
lock 1/5/08 - Cirrus Technology, Inc. participated as a major Co-Sponsor in the Middle Georgiaís Chapterís May annual College Scholarship golf tournament.
lock 1/1/08 - Warner Robins Museum of Aviation Georgia Invitational Golf Tournament..
lock 1/10/08 - Our DoD M-P Agreement with the Northrop Grumman Company (NGC) has been approved.
lock 8/24/07 - Cirrus awarded a contract for Closed Circuit Television Upgrade
sign 6/20/07 - Cirrus awarded a contract for contract document preparation tasks and services
sign 6/3/07 - Cirrus awarded a contract by the Missile & Space Intelligence Center for Open Source Intelligence
rocket 1/24/07 - Cirrus awarded a subcontract for for Headquarters Air Force Space Command Operating Training, Test, Exercises and Evaluation
lock 12/1/06 - Cirrus to provide armed guard services for post and patrol duties
rocket 12/1/06 - Cirrus awarded a subcontract in support of the 826th Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Systems Group
sign 9/1/06 - Cirrus to perform information technology support to Center of Army Analysis
sign 9/30/06 - Cirrus awarded a contract to perform closure of environmental HTRW contract actions.
sign 8/30/06 - Cirrus awarded a contract by the for the services and duties associated with EPA contract administration.
sign 6/5/06 - Cirrus Technology, Inc. has been awarded a contract for the Global Positioning System (GPS) Modernization Program
rocket 2/01/06 - Cirrus Technology helps meet wing goals, warfighter needs
rocket 1/11/06 - Cirrus supporting Northrop Grumman in RSLP program
sign 11/10/05 - Cirrus announces formal relationship with Ingersoll-Rand Company
lock 10/20/05 - Contract for Electronic Security Systems-4 Won by Cirrus - $200M Potential Value
tilley 10/30/03 - Army Sergeant Major pays a visit to Dewitt
rocket 11/14/02 - Cirrus Technology, Inc. will support AFOTEC in the OT&E of directed weapons system programs.
sign 6/21/02 - Cirrus Technology, Inc. will provide a Program Management office to administer delivery orders.